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Personalized coverage for medical expenses. There's no escaping it: we can all fall ill from time to time. Being incapacitated by an illness not only brings inconvenience, medical bills add up fast, even more so if the condition or illness is long-term or chronic. To make sure you receive good medical care without experiencing financial hardship, Guardian Group has compiled the perfect medical coverage for you.


What is insured?


The costs of a treatment of illnesses or disorders are covered by our health insurance.


  • Hospitalization and treatment

  • Specialist treatment

  • General practitioner and medicines

  • Additional costs (laboratory, X-ray, etc.)

  • Dentist, glasses and contact lenses


Are you insured for medical expenses with the SVB? Then we have an additional package for you so that you are extensively insured for medical expenses.


You can choose from Supplementary Mediflex Deluxe or Premium


  • Dental costs

  • Glasses / contact lenses

  • Paramedic care: additional number of treatments over and above what the SVB covers

  • Cover abroad: in addition to your SVB cover. If you unexpectedly need medical assistance during an accident or a non-existing illness during a stay abroad, you are also covered

  • Preventive you can do a medical check-up abroad every 3 years

  • Extra home care days after delivery

  • Extra costs for branded drugs


Additional coverage can be included at a minor extra cost. Contact us to make the calculations for you.

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