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Home is where the hearth is, and so much more. With Guardian Group's home insurances, it's doesn't matter whether you are a homeowner or a renter we've got you covered. Choose from different products for financial protection for damages to everthing in and outside of your home.

Residential building

What is insured?

The Guardian Group Home Insurance has very extensive coverage. This cover includes:

  • Damage due to fire and any extinguishing activities

  • Property damage from rain or flood

  • Costs as a result of water pipe damage and costs of detecting the defect

  • Damage from overvoltage/induction and lightning strike

  • Costs for necessary replacement of locks after a break-in or attempted break-in

  • Salvage costs (costs incurred by the insured, during or after a covered event, to prevent further damage) above the sum insured

  • Accident coverage and death risk

  • Free liability insurance for individuals


Please note: a home insurance policy does not automatically include your household effects. Guardian Group has the household contents insurance for this. Do you want to know exactly what is covered or do you want a tailor-made policy? please  contact us for more information.

Household effects


What is insured?
The Guardian Group home contents insurance covers your belongings in and around your home against the financial consequences of theft and damage due to, among other things:

  • Fire and any related extinguishing activities

  • Water loss due to damage to the water supply

  • Theft


Guardian Group also covers salvage costs, among other things. These are costs above the insured sum that the insured incurs during or after a covered event to prevent further damage.

Do you want to know exactly what's covered, a quotation or need assistant? Please feel free and contact us for more information.

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