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Third Party


Third-party liability insurance is required by law. This insurance covers damage caused by the insured to an (object of a) third party.


Third Party Plus


Third-party liability insurance is often used when cars are too old for comprehensive insurance, but too young for only third-party liability. Among other things, the consequences of damage due to theft or attempted fire and explosion are covered with WA+ and roadside assistance .

All Risk


The hull insurance covers damage to your cars, such as damage as a result of theft, fire, explosion and storm, but also collision and roadside assistance .

New value scheme:

  • Guardian Group offers the new-for-old scheme for cars up to three years old. If the car is declared a total loss in the event of damage, the replacement value will be paid out. This saves you a lot of costs. Moreover, in combination with the hull insurance, you do not pay any deductible and you do not lose a no-claim discount if an uninsured counterparty hits you or in the event of a "hit & run".

Personal Accident for Occupant Insurance (POI):

  • An accident can cause more damage than just your car. Occupants can be injured or – worse – death as a result of an accident. Therefore, make sure you are covered for the costs of this with the POI. Your passengers are covered (up to a certain maximum) for the costs of disability or death as a result of an accident. You can also insure the driver.


Are you over 50 years old?

Then we have an extra attractive car insurance policy for you. Ask about this if you want to take out car insurance. The extras are:

  • Comprehensive coverage at an attractive premium

  • Quick build-up of the No-Claim discount for damage-free driving.

  • No-Claim protection if you have built up a large discount.

  • No deductible in case of hull damage.

  • Roadside assistance

Motorcycle insurance

  • Motor scooter

  • Motorcycle

  • Trike

  • Quad



Do you want to know exactly what's covered, a quotation or need assistant? Please feel free and contact us for more information or continue with our online services.

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