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​Multi-Trip Travel Insurance


Do you travel more often or go away for weekends? A Mediterranean cruise, Disney World with the kids, admiring Kilimanjaro, skiing in Canada or just an unexpected weekend to a neighboring island, it's all on your list. Search for a hotel, find out online what to do during the holiday in the country of destination. Delicious those preparations! You would prefer not to be busy arranging your travel insurance every time.


With the continuous travel insurance you are insured all year round! Ideally, you don't have to think about it anymore.


Put together a travel package that best suits your situation!

The continuous travel insurance is easy to put together and adapt to your situation! This includes being able to co-insure your partner and / or children, expanding it with additional cover, etc.


Coverages in your travel insurance

  • You are insured as standard for several trips per year with a maximum duration of 90 consecutive days per trip.

  • The additional cover for travel cancellation also applies to all your trips throughout the year.

  • And in case of an emergency, you can call our emergency number anywhere in the world, day and night.


You have standard coverage for:

  1. Lost or damaged travel luggage

  2. Medical costs in case of accidents or acute illness during your holiday

  3. SOS Costs (Necessary travel and accommodation costs in the event of illness / accident / death)


You can easily co-insure your partner and children


Additional Coverages

  • Extend the maximum duration of each trip to 180 days

  • Winter and underwater sports

  • Accidents: payment in the event of permanent disability or death

  • Air ambulance

  • Travel cancellation all year round


The advantages at a glance

  • Plan your trip with pleasure without having to worry about insurance: you are insured all year round

  • Your partner is co-insured all year round from 40 guilders extra per year and for every 4 children you only pay 20 guilders per year.

  • Winter and underwater sports co-insured for only 50 guilders per year

  • Worldwide coverage

  • You save time and money

  • Travel interruption insured as standard

  • Emergency assistance abroad via an emergency number

  • You only have to take out travel insurance once and you can travel unlimited throughout the year

  • Easily expandable with additional cover such as Accident, Air Ambulance, Winter Sports, Continuous Trip Cancellation.

You can take out travel insurance online or you can contact us and we help you.


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