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Private Insurance

At a time when there are many changes, certainty is very important. Since 1904, we have helped prevent risks, limit and prevent damage, limit damage and only insure what is really necessary.

Home and contents insurance

Your home is a place where you feel comfortable and where you can relax. To give that feeling more security, a good home and contents insurance is a must. For example, with Guardian Group Fatum you are insured against an attractive premium for the financial consequences of small and large damage to your home. If you own a house, you can take out a home and contents insurance policy. If you are renting a home, only contents insurance is sufficient.


Valuables insurance

Your valuable items often have a special value. With the valuables insurance you insure your valuables indoors and outdoors worldwide. New valuables that you purchase after taking out your insurance are also insured up to a certain amount. The premium you pay depends on the value of your valuables.

Car insurance

It can happen to anyone: an accident with the car. Then it is nice to be well insured. Guardian Group Fatum auto insurance gives you the coverage you need, allowing you to drive around with peace of mind. Every car is different and everyone has their own wishes. Create your
choice from these car insurance policies.


Personal Accident Insurance for Occupants (POI)

More damage can occur in an accident than just your car. Occupants can be injured or - worse - die as a result of an accident. Therefore, make sure that you are covered against the costs. With the POI insurance your passengers are covered, up to a certain maximum, for the costs of disability or death as a result of an accident. You can also co-insure the driver.

Personal accident insurance

An accident is in a small corner. With the personal accident insurance from Guardian Group Fatum you limit the financial consequences of an accident for you and your family. An accident can lead to high costs for temporary physical injury, but also for permanent disability and death. The details of the personal accident insurance depend on the situation. Are you alone or do you have a family and school-aged children? Then it is interesting to insure yourself and your partner with a personal accident insurance and to insure your children (up to the age of 21) with a School accident insurance.


Guardian Group Fatum's liability insurance covers damage that you or possibly your family (accidentally) cause to someone else.
This concerns both material damage and physical injury. If you are legally liable, Guardian Group Fatum will pay for the damage.


Disability insurance

Anyone can become incapacitated for work as a result of (long-term) illness or an accident. Recovery can sometimes take longer and your monthly costs will continue during this time. Continuity of your income is then very important. With Guardian Group Fatum's Disability Insurance you can insure the loss of income for up to one year, which arises if you become disabled due to an accident or illness. This insurance is especially for self-employed entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and employees who work less than 5 days a week.

Pleasure craft insurance

If you have a boat, it is important to insure it properly. With the yacht and pleasure craft insurance from Guardian Group Fatum you can sail with peace of mind. Your boat is insured against, among other things, fire, storm, collision, theft, sinking and damage to third parties.

Travel insurance

Enjoy your holiday to the fullest. You can do this with Guardian Group Fatum's travel insurance. Because whether you book a weekend trip or a long vacation, Guardian Group Fatum provides excellent coverage, all over the world. Including medical costs in case of acute illness or accident. This way you can enjoy your holiday carefree.

Construction insurance for construction works

Building and renovation are common on the islands. The CAR insurance (Construction All-risk insurance) from Guardian Group Fatum insures you against material damage that occurs during the construction or erection of buildings and houses. This includes damage due to theft and fire, but also due to construction errors during construction.

Life insurance

The saying goes that money doesn't buy happiness. Still, the financial space to do that little bit extra now and then makes life a lot more pleasant. Guardian Group Fatum has various forms of insurance in which a guaranteed capital is paid out. In some cases it is necessary in other cases as an extra provision. Naturally, every form of insurance has flexibility so that personal wishes can be included. Life insurance covers you against financial risks in the event of death. In the event of death before or after the end date, a capital is paid out. The insurance premium depends on gender, age and the amount insured. This insurance is often taken out in combination with a mortgage repayment.


A pension is tailor-made. With a pension with Guardian Group Fatum you will receive a guaranteed benefit on your retirement date. In case of disability, the pension premium can be taken over by Guardian Group Fatum. You can co-insure your partner and (studying) children (up to the age of 27) for a survivor's or orphan's pension.

Business Insurance

You take risks every day as an entrepreneur. Many of these are manageable and are part of the daily routine. However, there are also risks that you would rather limit, due to the extensive consequences. For this we offer you, on behalf of Guardian Group Fatum, attractive insurance packages. This way you can focus on your business operations without worry.


During work, situations may arise in which you or one of your employees causes damage to third parties. This can have major consequences for the continuity of your company. Therefore, take out liability insurance for a comfortable working environment in which you and your employees feel safe.



The consequences of a fire often go far beyond the material damage caused by the fire on the spot. Consequential damage is also our concern. In addition to material damage to the office, inventory and storage, you can also insure loss of income with our comprehensive fire insurance.

Construction and building work

The construction or renovation of your business premises involves risks. Material defects, construction and workmanship errors and the financial consequences of material damage are just some of these risks that you would rather not worry about. All persons and companies involved in the construction are also at risk. We are happy to help you with construction insurance for construction works.

Motor vehicles

With one or more cars in your fleet, be it sales representatives visiting customers or drivers delivering goods, you want to be sure that you and / or your employees remain mobile. With our motor insurance your cars are covered in the way you want.


A must for companies dealing with goods transport. If your income is (partly) dependent on goods that are being transported, transport insurance is indispensable. With tailor-made transport insurance, you are assured of the right cover and you never pay too much.

Corporate Benefit Plan

As an entrepreneur you can also put together a customized package. Guardian Group Fatum's so-called 'Corporate Benefit Plan' is a collective package with all the aforementioned insurance products. It gives you as an entrepreneur a better insight into the consequences of risks and the associated costs, specifically for your company. With attractive and advantageous discounts, there are many more benefits that the Guardian Group Fatum Corporate Benefit Plan brings.

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