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Guardian Group pensions


As an employer you are responsible for a good working environment. Part of that working environment are secondary employment conditions, such as a good pension. Choose a good pension from Guardian Group for your employees and take advantage of it on the labor market.


A pension is a form of income, especially for situations in which the regular income is lost. For example, above the age of sixty, in the event of incapacity for work or, for survivors in the event of death. The government partially provides this pension in the form of AOV, but this AOV is by no means sufficient for the average Curacao pensioner. More and more companies therefore see it as their task to ensure that their employees are left behind. In Aruba, a pension plan is even mandatory!


Why Guardian Group?

In addition to an attractive pension, it is essential that you choose a reliable, solid partner. A partner who also complies with the locally applicable laws and tax requirements. With over 116 years of experience, Fatum has proven to be a stable partner for entrepreneurs with a long-term vision, who has all the expertise to provide you with the right advice in addition to a solid pension. Guardian Group thinks along with you and takes care of everything for you. Now and in the future.


Costs under control

The costs of a pension are lower than you think and completely depend on your wishes and requirements. In addition to an advantageous premium, pension schemes offer an attractive tax benefit for you and your employees. Make an appointment with us to find out exactly what your premium will be and how much benefit you will enjoy. Guardian Group is happy to find a suitable solution for your company and situation.


What does a pension scheme consist of?
You can see a pension most simply as a substitute for income for those situations in which the regular income is lost. For example, after reaching retirement age. But also consider a situation in which an employee becomes incapacitated for work or dies before retirement, leaving a family empty-handed. In both cases, the monthly income from activities ceases and this gap must be filled by another income provision. The government offers a replacement income in the form of social insurance, but the income from this 'social safety net' is often much lower than the income that has disappeared. As an employer you can do a lot for your employees in this by arranging things well in advance.


Most pension plans consist of:

  • Save for later

  • Death benefit

  • Provision for incapacity for work


Fill in yourself
You can choose this cover, whether or not in consultation with your employees, and fill it in however you want. Employers often take the available budget into account.


What does a pension cost?
The costs of a pension can be fully determined by the employer. As a rule, an amount is used that varies between 5% and 20% of the salaries. The costs of the pension are also deductible from the profit, which means that the net costs for the employer are lower. Any contribution from the employee is also tax deductible. The main building blocks are listed below by way of illustration:

  • Save for later

  • ANG. 15,000 upon death before the retirement date

  • Provision for incapacity for work


When should I start?
The following applies to a pension: the earlier you start saving, the more you can save for and with your employee. If you opt for a fixed monthly contribution, the pension capital will decrease the later you start saving. So lay the foundation stone for the retirement of your employees today!


Direct professional advice or a no-obligation quote about the right pension scheme for your company? Please contact us for more information.


Guarantee your employees a well-cared-for old age with Guardian Group!

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