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What’s insured?
Guardian Group pension insurance is a savings plan for life. You design your own pension plan. A pension plan that meets your needs, and provides an extra income to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Remember the sooner you start, the more you can save towards your retirement. So it makes sense not to wait too long.

A number of options are available for structuring your pension plan. Pension insurance with Guardian Group is always flexible, and can be tailored to your individual situation. For example, you can opt to build up a fixed, lifelong pension for your retirement. In this case, you decide your future pension at the start of the pension plan. Guardian Group will then work out how much money you need to save, every month. Or, you can start building your pension capital on the basis of how much money you can set aside now. At the retirement date, you can use the capital you have saved to purchase a lifelong pension. In this case, Guardian Group will calculate your pension benefit on the basis of the capital you have saved. This form of pension building is known as a defined contribution (DC) plan and has become popular in recent years.


Did you already save your retirement in the past? If you wish, we can transfer previously earned pension rights to your new pension plan.


Death benefit
If you are married, or if you have a registered partner and /or children, it is important to make sure they are not left empty-handed should you die before the pension date. A surviving dependents and/or orphans pension can be included as part of your pension plan.


Occupational disability
If you become fully disabled for work, you will not be able to perform paid work, and likely lose your job. To assure that your pension plan continues, you can include a provision in your pension plan that covers you for exemption of premium payments if you become disabled for work. Guardian Group will then pick up the tab and pay the premiums until your pension date. That way, you have the assurance of protecting your life savings until the day you retire.


Disability benefits
In addition, you can include a disability pension in your pension plan. This is a supplementary insurance that secures you of a fixed income from the day you are permanently disabled, until the pension date.


Pension insurance – something for me?
Pension insurance is for everyone who believes they will need an extra income to supplement the government old age pension (AOV). Specifically, this group includes people who are in paid employment, but are not enrolled in a pension plan via their employer. A pension plan can be seen as a savings plan that lets you save for your retirement on very attractive terms. The advantage of a pension plan, as opposed to putting money in the bank, is that your pension premiums are (partly) tax deductible. In other words, you’re not only getting a good rate of return and a chance to earn a profit share; you also get a tax break. And that’s something your bank account can’t match!


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Pension insurance via employer?

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