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What is insured?

Life insurance pays out an amount in the event of your death. This could be the amount you owe a lender, for example for the mortgage on your home or the loan for your car. You can also insure yourself against the financial consequences if you have your own business and die. In addition, the insurance is often taken out for life to pay for a funeral.


Which insurance is right for me?

The term life insurance comes in various forms that offer the perfect solution for different situations. Which insurance is best and in what form depends on the cover you want.


Duration of the insurance

Guardian Group's death insurance can be taken out for a lifetime. The insured amount will be paid out upon your death.

You can also opt for term life insurance. This insurance pays out the insured amount if you die before the end date of the insurance.


Insured amount

You determine the amount of the insured amount that will be paid out in the event of your death. The amount can remain the same during the term or decrease during the term.


Cover extra risk

There are numerous situations where the ability to pay the premium for your term life insurance is compromised. Incapacity for work and sudden unemployment are the two most obvious reasons.



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